Acoustic Underlay Test Reports

At NordicBuilt, we have had our products thoroughly tested to ensure we only delivery the highest and most robust long lasting quality. Below you will find links to some of the more specification relevant tests we have carried out. We trust these tests will give you the confidence to specify and install our solutions with our superior results in terms of acoustic silence and low VOC levels. 
With our patented technology where we cross link small recycled and up-cycled particles we are able to deliver better acoustic results with a thinner membrane. With our choice of rubber we also ensure an acoustic performance that does not reduce over time with a product that has a lasting extreme compressive strength. The below results speak for themselves. 
1. Compiled Australian Acoustic Test
2. Australian Acoustic Test for Ceramic Tile
3. Australian Acoustic Test for Timber 
4. Australian Acoustic Test for Vinyl 
5. European Tarkett Acoustic Test 
Test certificates available upon request.
Test certificates are:
-  Acoustic
-  Fire 
-  VOC