Helix Dry SU702 2mm acoustic underlay

• Roll Width: 100cm ±1mm
• Roll Length: 15m + 15-30cm
• Thickness: 2.0mm
• Density: 700 GSM
• 10.5kg/roll
• 15m2/roll
• 24 rolls per pallet
»» Vaporization
• SD Value (m) 20 
• WVT (g/m2/hr) 0.0843
»» VOC
»» Material
• 10% PP.PE.PET
• 90% Wind Power Recycled Rubber
• 70mm Moisture Barrier
»» Fire Class
E (DIN EN 13501-1)
»» Temperature
-250C - 900C
»» Lnw+Ci
45-54 (subject to subfloor structure)
»» Compression
CS (Kpa) 17.9 (CEN/TS 16354)
This product is specifically designed for allowing an easy and simple installation. It has been independently
tested for compliance to meet or exceed BCA requirements.

Our patented advanced cross-linking technology offers superior acoustic silence. With the reduction of impact
sound to suit both concrete and timber sub surfaces our solution has been specifically engineers to meet the
acoustical requirements of specifiers for all common construction and installation methods.

The addition of a polypropylene film to the underside of the underlay means it is suitable for old and new
•  Permanent resilient elasticity that does not collapse over time
•  Manufactured in Denmark
•  Suited to high rise, multi-storey town houses, commercial and domestic usage
•  Suitable for loose lay and direct stick applications if need
•  Can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems
•  Outstanding compressive strength (100mt) and load bearing capacity
•  2mm thin
•  Made from recycled car tires by using wind energy
•  Resistant to mould and mildew
•  Easy to install and no maintenance
•  PVC free product
•  No smell, no VOC emitted
•  Limited 10 year commercial warranty
Our underlay is designed to suit a wide range of finished flooring surfaces including rubber, timbers, laminates,
bamboo, vinyl and carpets.

Perfect for high rise, multi storey town houses, commercial and domestic usage.
• "Deemed to satisfy” the requirements of the Building Code of Australia
• Our product has been independently tested for compliance to exceed the BCA requirements
• Test results use the normalised impact sound pressure level according to ISO140-7
• Refer installation instructions
Our unique and patented cross-linking technology is the key to our superior acoustic, light yet strong features.