Helix SU700 2mm Rubber Acoustic Underlay

»» Tolerance
• Roll Width: 100cm
• Roll Length: 15m + 15-30cm
• Thickness: 2.0mm
• Density: 0.7 kg/m2
• 10.3 kg/roll
• 24 rolls per pallet
»» VOC
0.025mg (Tested in accordance with Environmental Chambers V. 1.1. of Feb2010 by Californian Dept of Public Health & DIBt of Oct 2010 and AgBB Jun 2012 of Germany).
»» Material
• 10% PP.PE.PET
• 90% Wind Power Recycled Rubber
»» Thermal Resistance
-0.0317 R-value (CEN/TS 16354)
»» Fire Class
• ISO 9239 part 1 (APL NATA Test Report 161642, Melbourne)
• Mean Critical Radiant Flux: 10.4 kW/m2 – homogenous vinyl, 6.3 kW/m2 – 8mm laminate
• Mean Smoke Development Rate: 130 percent-minutes – homogenous vinyl, 33 percent-minutes – 8mm laminate
»» Stability
• Compressive strength – 1.9 CS Value kPa (CEN/TS 16354)
• Water Vapour Diffiusion – 0 CS Value (CEN/TS 16354)
»» Acoustics
• LnTw – 47 (4 star AAAC rating)
• dB – 17
• Lw – 18
»» Deflection/Dynamic Stiffness
139 MN/m3 (DIN EN 2952-1)
This product is specifically designed for allowing an easy and simple installation. It has been independently tested
(including tests by CTEC (Melbourne), APL (Melbourne) and Auckland University) for compliance to meet or exceed current BCA requirements.

Our patented advanced cross-linking technology offers superior acoustic silence. With the reduction of impact sound to suit both concrete and timber sub surfaces our solution has been specifically engineered to meet the acoustical requirements of specifiers for all common construction and installation methods. 
• 25 year limited product and system warranty
• Fully warranted system solutions
• Superior acoustic reduction
• Light weight at 0.7 kg/m2
• Permeable (ideal for direct stick or loose lay)
• Only 2mm thick
• Resistant to mould and mildew
• Easy to install and no maintenance
• PVC & cork free
• No smell, no VOC emitted
Helix SU700 2mm acoustic underlayment is extremely versatile. Unlike traditional solid rubber/cork underlays, Helix’s cross-linked structure opens up opportunities to use this underlay for a variety of flooring systems.
It is especially suited for traditionally challenging solutions such as dual stick homogeneous vinyl and LVT solutions. It also works well for timbers, laminates, bamboo, vinyl and carpets.
• "Deemed to satisfy” the requirements of the Building Code of Australia
• Our product has been independently tested for compliance to exceed the BCA requirements
• Test results use the normalised impact sound pressure level according to ISO140-7
• Refer installation instructions
Our unique and patented cross-linking technology is the key to our superior acoustic, light yet strong features.