NB Smartcities

LED Lighting and networks by NordicBuilt
NordicBuilt offers the latest LED development and network systems for Australia and New Zealand. We are dedicated to creating highly efficient LED technology solutions that resolves the need for better and more environmentally friendly solutions.
NB Smartcities™ is an outdoor lighting control system that is based on the following:
  • NB Connect™ – provides WIFI access to anyone anywhere
  • NB Axis™ – a modern and dynamic IoT wireless network to enhance safety, functionality and quality of life for everyone
NB Smartcities encompasses LED street lights that are dimmable and WIFI enabled. We can offer powerful solutions capable of gathering a wide variety of data from the environment. NB Smartcities will drastically reduce city energy consumption, reduce maintenance using LED technology combined with dynamic dimming and light controls.
NB Connect provides a WIFI network and NB Axis offers a sensor-based innovative platform to assist with transportation, public utilities, public safety, and environmental monitoring without significantly altering the physical infrastructure. All these features are encapsulated inside the street light, often using existing infrastructure.
Additionally, the Danish state Export Credit Fund (EKF) allows us to offer state-backed financing solutions for your LED lighting projects. We can provide 100% cash flow positive, CAPEX neutral finance for LED retrofits and smart city CMS system integrations. This structure enables the effective and fast implementation of smart city networks and instant Co2 and power reductions. Our fully financed solutions are typically delivering a 3-5 year ROI with a 60-75% electricity reduction and Co2 reduction.
Our technology is a result of the development from DTU (The Technical University of Denmark) and is an associate of DOLL (Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab). Through the department of Photonics and the Electro Department of DTU we can offer our customers many benefits that further improves our working lives. This allows us to support and participate in a range of technology frontier projects.
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