Rubber Acoustic Underlay

Rubber Acoustic Underlay by Scan Underlay, Denmark
NordicBuilt is proud to offer what we consider to be the world’s best acoustic rubber underlays, by ScanUnderlay, Denmark.
All our products are manufactured using a new patented technology. This Danish technology has dramatically increased the performance of the acoustic underlay whilst remaining easy to handle, and complying with the building codes.  As a result, our customers can now offer a superior performing flooring system. 
  • We offer the thinnest underlay with benchmarking acoustic and VOC capabilities Link
  • Our LVT 1.2 mm version with grip - no glue required and allows true loose lay Link
  • Our 2 mm versions with and without in-built moisture shield are ideal for general purpose Link
  • We hold a patent on our high compressive strength, fibre and cross-link technology 
  • We are very competitively priced with our 90% recycled and 100% upcycled solutions
  • The products are easy to work with and are well suited for a commercial environment
Our Underlay meets the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions of the current building regulations in accordance with the Building Code of Australia Part F5.4 Sound Insulation Rating pf Floors. 
Additional benefits include: 
  • Excellent acoustic properties using thinner material
  • Can be installed straight onto the sub floor without the need for glue
  • Evens out any uneven surfaces from the sub floor
  • Provides a more luxurious feel to the floor
  • Long term performance, does not collapse over time
  • Can easily be cut and/or repaired for services access
  • Zero PVC used
  • No VOC and no rubber smell; completely degassed
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Minimises construction heights
  • Minimal creep, even under high loads
  • Quick and easy to install with no glue needed 
  • Perfect for Commercial as well as DIY installations
  • Suitable for use with under floor heating
  • Protects expansion joints
  • Extremely light and easy to handle 
  • Lightest on the market

We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to quote on your acoustic underlay requirements. Please drop us a line via the LINK.